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eZtoilet app

Find and add public toilets.Our first app launched in June 2014 Users can find and add public toilets Database of over 17000 public toilets from all over the world

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Personal Safety app.Shake your phone or press power button 4 times to send SOS text message with location and/or call to saved contact.Works on locked screen and even when no internet. Featured in LifeHacker Russia, Drippler , Tribune India, Daily Star Bangladesh, Movilzona Spain and Gulf Countries Media.

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Shake2Safety PRO

Send multiple text messages with location to different numbers saved by you by just shaking the phone or pressing power button 4 times in 5 seconds.Share picture with location using Whatsapp, Facebook ,Viber, Gmail, Hangout etc. Record 4 second audio.

Go to Life Reboot – Fight Depression

Life Reboot – Fight Depression

Mental Health app.Anonymous Forum for users to ask questions and comment. Medicine Reminder, Daily Diary, Painting, Motivational Quotes and Jokes. Daily push notification of a motivating quote.

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Yo bucket

Sound based game for visually impaired and blind community.User has to collect water droplets in a bucket and UI directs user to go left or right

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TravelMania is designed to help the traveler in every way possible.Search hotels nearby,places of attractions nearby,flights(non stop) and explore food of the world.This app will help you in your journey to the unknown. Definitely All in One travel app.

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Call Writer

Write notes during incoming or outgoing calls.Easily save and edit notes using call writer.The most essential tool available.